Noor's Pursuit: A Young Muslim Woman's Fight For Equality

If there is a face for change in high school athletics, it's Noor Abukaram, a 19-year-old Muslim woman and a sophomore at Ohio State University.



An Unlikely Bond Helped Noor Abukaram Cement Change

Over the next two years, the pair worked together to push forward new legislation in the Ohio State Congress to protect student religious expression in athletics, which was ultimately signed into law by Governor Mike Dewine in February 2022.



As They Prep For The NYC Marathon, Female Runners Share What Inspires Them

Abukaram will run alongside an ICU nurse who teaches yoga, a Brooklyn cross-country coach who overcame an eating disorder and tens of thousands of runners in the TCS New York City Marathon.



A high-school athlete who was disqualified for wearing a hijab is now running the New York City Marathon

On Sunday, Abukaram will be running the New York City Marathon — her longest race yet — as a member of Team Inspire in bright colors and a hijab. Now, she wants to be seen.



Disqualified for running in a hijab, Noor Alexandria Abukaram turned pain into action

In her own words, Abukaram describes how she's empowered herself as a hijabi runner and worked toward making sports more inclusive.



Changing the Game: How a Discriminatory Hijab Ban Fueled a New Senate Bill

Noor wants the next generation to know that they can enact change. “Lawmakers are there to hear your concerns as constituents, so be storytellers and write that letter or have that meeting because you never know who's listening.”


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274: Fighting Discrimination and Injustices in Sports w/ Noor Abukaram

Joe and Tom are joined by Noor Alexandria Abukaram, Founder of Let Noor Run. In this episode, Noor discusses how her disqualification from a 5K cross-country race in Ohio because of her ‘hijab’ drove her to start the Let Noor Run initiative.


--The Columbus Dispatch

Gov. DeWine signs Ohio law allowing students to wear hijab while competing in HS sports

She knew a rule change would not be enough, and if she did not share her story, other girls would fall victim to the same discrimination she had experienced.



CAIR-Ohio welcomes new Ohio law protecting the right to wear hijab in school sports

Ohio student-athlete Noor Abukaram, of Sylvania, championed the bill after her own experience of being disqualified from her high school track meet because of her hijab.


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Cross Country Runner Noor Alexandria Abukaram Can't Be Banned – She Made Sure of It

Her work to end the discrimination of religious expression in extracurricular activities in Ohio schools and her favorite thing about Haute Hijab Sport.


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Gavarone bill to protect religious expression unanimously passes out of committee

The Senate’s Education Committee this week unanimously approved legislation, sponsored by State Senator Theresa Gavarone, R-Bowling Green, which would protect freedom of religious expression for athletes.



-- Bill 288

Gavarone Introduces Legislation to Protect Freedom of Religious Expression

State Senator Theresa Gavarone introduced Senate Bill 288, which would protect freedom of religious expression for athletes.


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Disqualified for Running With Hijab
A 16-year-old Muslim cross-country runner was disqualified from a race in Ohio for wearing hijab. A week later, she broke her personal record in another competition.


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I Was Disqualified From My High School Cross Country Meet Because I Wear Hijab

I've had anxieties about being a visibly Muslim athlete. But I never imagined they would manifest the way they did this month.


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-- Ilhan Omar

Hijab-wearing women and girls don’t need permission to exist. Noor ran her personal best this season, only to be told it didn’t count because she made the choice to wear a hijab. I’m standing with her. Every rule that is ignorant of religious freedom must be overturned.


-- Noor (Me)

I ran my best race today beating my record from last week’s meet when I got disqualified! ❤️ Thank you to everyone who came out and cheered me on today!

#WeStandWithNoor #LetNoorRun CURE M

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Our girl Noor Alexandria Abukaram ran her best race today beating her record from last week’s meet when she got disqualified. Way to go Noor! #WeStandWithNoor #LetNoorRun


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Leading with Compassion - Imagine a World Where Hijabis Aren't Barred from Sports?🏅🏆

"I know sports is competitive by nature. However can't compassion be part of this all? Noor is 16, the same age as my own daughter. What must've it felt like to finish a race, having run your personal best, only to be told you're disqualified because your hijab didn't meet standards? It makes me angry and sad. Because it's been a grind my entire life that continues into how I parent my kids now.
Imagine a world where, far from having to fight to compete, Muslim (and all) women are greeted with the same level of support shown in this video. Ask yourself – who do we we want to be? And, not just in regards to how we view or support Muslim women who wear the hijab (or don't wear the hijab). And, why is this STILL a thing? Can we approach each other with sensitivity and compassion and reasonableness?

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“Sports should be a place where everyone has the right to play.” -

@ibtihajmuhammad#LetNoorRun 🧕💪

-- Muslim Girl


A Ohio High-school Athletic Association disqualified cross country athlete Noor Abukaram from a district meet simply because she was wearing a hijab. “It was like your worst nightmare to have to compete and then find out that you got disqualified and it’s because of something that you love,” said the 16-year old. We will not let this incident fade away like many issues targeted towards Muslims. We will raise our voice and stand with Noor and so many others that don’t let society dictate who they are✨💪🏽💕#letnoorrun illustration by: @shaymaalshiri

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I’ve got your back, Noor. Every kid should be able to feel safe and welcome at school—and Muslim students should never be denied participation in school activities. My public school plan fights discriminatory dress codes that exclude students like Noor.


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As I sit here overwhelmed with emotions, I’m a little unsure what to write to properly depict the gratitude I am feeling. Before all of this, I felt crushed, betrayed by a sport that I have grown to love so dearly. I was scared with apprehension that my coach and teammates would be negatively affected by all the media. I was conflicted. I didn’t want to offend anyone but I knew I had to do something so that no other student athlete competing in hijab would ever endure the humiliation and anguish that I went through last weekend. I am so thankful to each and every person who has shown me love and support. You guys don’t realize what that did for me, so thank you!



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-- Ibtihaj Muhammad

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Shame on you Ohio High School Athletic Association (OHSAA) for disqualifying cross country athlete Noor Abukaram from a district meet because she was wearing hijab. Most people don’t realize the hurdles we have to jump over as hijabi athletes just for the same opportunities to compete like everyone else. My sister Faizah and I were often targeted by NJSIAA officials and coaches, who would try to use small loop holes in the rule book to ban us from competing in hijab. These bigots have to be stopped. Sports should be a place where everyone has the right to play. Noor, your journey is bigger than track, just as my journey was bigger than fencing. We’re riding with you till the end! #LetNoorRun 🧕🏽✊🏽 

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